Radio South has been in the radio system service business since its beginnings in 1976. As our business grows, we are increasing our listing of systems that we repair. We service Futaba, JR, HiTec/RCD, Spektrum, Pro-Line, Kraft, Ace R/C, Hobby Shack, Tower Hobbies, and others. We carry factory schematics and keep in contact with the factory service departments in order to stay up to date on all of the latest service information. Our relationship with the many factory service departments (such as Futaba) is such that we are frequently recommended BY THEM for specialty equipment and service! We are proud of our service and will work hard to keep you flying. Many older radios are no longer supported by the factory, but we can still repair them.


Our service capability includes complete repair (both annual service and “crash” damage repair), frequency changes, tuning and alignment. We can convert many older sets (such as Pro-Line, Kraft, EK and even Orbit) to 2.4GHz spread spectrum! We offer custom transmitter configurations such as left-handed, mode changes, specialized single stick systems and custom throttle locations for disabled pilots.

Our normal turn-around is about 5 days, but it is seasonal, and will run longer during the Springtime and throughout the flying season. We recommend that you send your equipment in for annual service and check-out during the Winter months, to avoid delays in the Spring. After equipment has set unused during Winter, batteries can fail when called upon again during the flying season. We recommend that you replace your packs every 2 years or so to avoid crashes associated with battery failure. Batteries are cheap when compared with a newly built model!


Radio South labor rate is $40.00/hour. Labor is charged in 15 minute blocks. Most complete systems w/ 4 servos will generally require 2 hours labor for inspection and repair. Four-Channel system repair minus servos will be charged 1-1/4 hours labor. Individual components such as transmitters and receivers are charged depending on type. Non-synthesized AM or FM receivers are 1/2 hours labor, and synthesized and PCM versions are 3/4 hour. Spread Spectrum receivers will be charged at 3/4 hours labor. Non-computer transmitters will require 3/4 hour labor for service. 4-8 channel computer transmitters will require 1-1/2 hour labor. 9 channel and higher computer transmitters will be charged at 2 hours labor minimum, due to their complexity. Servos are generally charged at 1/4 hour labor, however replacing a servo pot will increase the charge to 1/2 hour. Discounts are given for large amounts of servos or receivers in a repair. All parts costs as well as shipping are extra.


Shipping costs are in addition to the repair. Normal shipping is via U.S Priority Mail. The weight will dictate the charge, but usually it is around $16.00 + insurance for a typical transmitter and receiver. Special 2-day and overnight shipping is available. We do not ship via a method that does not provide tracking, so no 1st class mailings.


If you are sending in equipment for repair, we recommend the use of the original container for shipping, as it will do the best job of protecting your equipment. If you don’t have the original box, then you can get a good sturdy box and use crumpled-up newspaper to pad the items. Include a detailed letter describing the trouble and what you want repaired. Include your daytime phone number and e-mail address as well as instructions on payment. Radio South can take the following credit cards….Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also take PayPal, which is becoming very popular!

Ship the repair to:

Radio South, Inc.
4319 W. Clara Ln. #304
Muncie, IN 47304

You may also E-mail Tony directly with any technical/repair questions you might have prior to sending your equipment to us for service.


Just give us a call at 1-912-242-2426 for information concerning repair of your system. Our goal is customer satisfaction, so contact us with your special needs!