Radio South, Inc.

UPDATE 6/1/2020:  Since I work full time at AMA HQ in Muncie, IN and they are now closing the offices to employees due to Coved-19, I will be working remotely from home.  My shipping address is at a UPS Store in Muncie, but since I will be home for the foreseeable future, so I am asking my customers to SHIP TO MY HOME ADDRESS:

Tony Stillman, 106 Hanover Dr., Morristown, IN 46161

I use PayPal as my exclusive way to pay me.  You can still use a credit card, but you have to go through PayPal.  The store shopping cart will guide you on this process.  I made the change due to the low amount of credit card business.  It’s just too expensive to keep using.

With JR and Airtronics going out of business last year, parts for these brands are no longer available. I will be very limited on what repair work I can do on these systems.

I am doing more and more custom work…  For example, adding a rudder knob to a two-stick transmitter to allow 3 channel operation on one stick.  This makes it much easier for someone with one hand to operate the radio system.  I also do other customization work, as well as conversions of older 72 MHz transmitters to 2.4 GHz.      Please contact me for details.