Radio South, Inc.

UPDATE 12/03/2018:  I have ordered some servo parts from Futaba, but I still can’t get transmitter antennas yet.  Hopefully these will be available soon.    

With JR and Airtronics going out of business earlier this year, parts for these brands are no longer available.  With the demise of Hobbico, Futaba Japan has re-opened their RC division in the USA in Huntsville, AL.  Again, with parts not available to me currently, I won’t know if I can repair your Futaba gear.  So beginning Monday, September 3rd, 2018, all items to be sent to Radio South for service will require customers to contact me by phone (912-242-2426) or e-mail ( to get prior approval for servicing your equipment.  This will allow me to determine if I have or can get parts for the repair, saving you from  having to pay to send your un-repaired equipment back to you.

I will be re-focusing my company to doing custom work.  For example, adding a rudder knob to a two-stick transmitter to allow 3 channel operation on one stick.  This makes it much easier for someone with one hand to operate the radio system.  I also do other customization’s as well as conversions of older 72MHz transmitters to 2.4GHz.      Please contact me for details.