We also offer custom repair and transmitter work. Below you will see some examples. From custom built single stick transmitters to custom designed R/C Warship transmitters, we can usually “Make it Happen” for you! If you have a disability, we can help you get back to flying! ┬áContact us with your needs for pricing details.


Futaba 8UAP in Futaba SS box


Futaba 9ZAP WCII in SS box


JR XP652 modified for RC Warship with buttons to shoot gun turret.


Futaba 9CAP in Futaba SS case


Futaba 9ZAP WCII in SS box


Futaba 10CAP into Futaba SS case


DX9 w/knob added to right stick



Spektrum DX8 w/rudder knob on R/H stick and foot pedal for throttle!


Pro-Line Single Stick w/ Futaba 9C electronics and 2.4Ghz module